Julia Veerling

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Bach, Chaconne

Jul 16, 2017
Sacha luistert naar Jascha Heifetz - Bach, Chaconne

What is the name of this piece?

What did you think?
It is really nice but it is too long - 13 minutes and 37 seconds

What do you think of the sound?

I love it. It is a little bit angry. I would play it quite hard. I think it is about two people fighting. I don't know what they are fighting about, I'd need to think about that more.

What didn't you like?

Nothing. I liked it all.

What about his bowing?
It looks so difficult.

What about his vibrato?
He didn't rock like I am supposed to do. Instead he really shook his finger. What I have to do is hard, but what he does is the hardest.