Julia Veerling

tekening van een viool door leerling van Julia

Paganini Caprice No. 24

Jul 16, 2017
Sacha (7) luistert naar Paganini Caprice No. 24 eerst gespeeld door Heifetz en daarna door Milstein. Hij praat er met z'n moeder over.

What is the name of the piece?

What did you think about the piece?
It is an angry story with bits of happiness.

What did you think about his vibrato?

He was so fast. He went up and down not sideways. I think he is impressive.

'I like Jascha Heifitz more because he keeps going and going and the story is better. With this one it seems like he stops too much.'

'I like watching the clips because I can watch the bow with my left eye and the fingers with my right eye.'

'I won't be able to play this piece for 16 million years.'